Vida Guerra lashes out at Game

November 19, 2006

B: I didn’t know this? Shed some light, girl.

V: (laughs) I mean, he just asked me to hang out with him. I met him at a party. He was cool, but I was not interested in him like that, y’know? So I was always like, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m busy. I’m busy.” Every time he had asked. It was through emails. We just exchanged emails. And that was it. And then I hear about this song. So I was like, “Damn. I didn’t know he was gonna take rejection so personally.” You know what it is. A lot of people in the industry are used to getting what ever they want and who ever they want because of who they are, y’know? And when you reject them, it’s not anything personal. It’s just that they might not be your style or your flavor. It could be different things. They take it real personally. Obviously.