69% of Crips in LA are feeling the new Snoop Dogg

November 21, 2006


Published: November 20, 2006

When he first emerged in 1992, Snoop Dogg didn’t seem like a star who was built to last, which just goes to show how hard it can be to predict pop longevity. Fourteen years later his pinched voice and indolent style seem like a permanent part of the hip-hop landscape. Whenever he’s about to drift off into irrelevance, he returns with another hit, another great collaboration, another new twist on his twisty style.

An independent study done by our own Mike Conception in LA took a poll with most of the Crip sets in Southern California to get their take on the album Blue Carpet Treatment that is in stores Tuesday. According to our report over 69% of all Crip sets in the Southern California area do support Big Snoop Dogg’s latest effort. One crip member, Big Locc, said that “The album is bangin from top to bottom. This is the kind of music you put your jerry curl product in to cuzz” and also added “the westcoast is bacc, make sure you spell it with two c’s cuzz.” His statements seemed to be echo’d by the community which Snoop Dogg claims to be one of.

Unlike many young rappers, Snoop Dogg isn’t obsessed with the workings of the cocaine industry, but his Crip identity gives him a different connection to the underworld. (It also gives him a color to play with: “Bluegrass, blue coupe, blue b-ball hoop/‘What kinda phone you on, Loc?’ I’m on the Bluetooth.’ ”) In “10 Lil’ Crips,” he snarls threats over a menacing bass drone that lasts the whole song. And “Gangbangn 101” is a tough ode to gang unity co-starring the Game, a self-proclaimed Blood, who rhymes, “Me and Snoop got the West Coast locked/Red and blue rag tied in a knot.”

The Blue Carpet Treatment is in stores Tuesday Nov. 21st going up against long time Snoop Dogg emulator Jay-z for the holiday rush. You can pick up your copy at Best Buy, Amazon.com, Circuit City, or any other major retailer.



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