Rock the Bells Toronto Concert Flops

December 6, 2006

It started like a snowball down a hill, the situation was growing in problems. Before it even popped off Redmen & MethodMan were denied entrance into Canada, from there on it just escalated to a pissed off crowd.


So when we get inside and you can tell everyone is pissed off right off the bat. There’s some group called Crown of Thornz on stage and no one’s feeling it at all. They finish and DJ Kool comes on and everyone starts groaning. He does “Let Me Clear My Throat” and no one wants to hear it. Then he does a DJ set and no one feels that either. Everyone is starting to boo now. Then Supernatural comes on. He kills it. Like, dude was really good and the crowd starts finally getting hype.

P-Plus comes on and starts to do a DJ set. This goes on for almost an hour while DJ Scratch sets up Serato. The crowd starts to get more and more restless as each song is played. Booing starts to begin. It’s past midnight and at this point everyone realises that Smif N Wessun aren’t there either.

And worst of all it has been stated that there was no refunds at all.



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