Nas Says Hes Jim Jones Boss

December 7, 2006

Upcoming Complex Mag:

Before signing to Def Jam, the rapper was offered a president’s job at Atlantic Records which would have made him Jim Jones’ boss. When asked about this, he responds: “I’m still his boss [laughs]. I am above him. Who’s not above Jim Jones? I don’t know any of his records and I’m not even being funny. Like I know he’s got a record called Ballin. I hope it sells some records, but I swear to you I’ve never heard it.”

The music should be enough, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. But people getting mad at Jay is corny. Especially someone like LL Cool J. He’s too old of an O.G. to be mad at Jay. He’s been at Def Jam since we were kids dreaming about being on Def Jam. We gotta get off this bull**** ’cause I never remember those artists talking about any white executives. That’s some slaverys***. If my record comes out and goes wood, I can’t blame Jay because it’s my doing.”

When asked of other’s success, he responds, “I want to see 50 own the Empire State Building and Jay own fu***** 12 basketball teams. I don’t have an issue with anybody that’s in a position of growth. It’s only when they’re cooning that I get embarrassed. Some of these niggas are buffoons. Muthaf****** are buying You Tube and we’re renting yachts that they own, talking about, ‘That ni**a’s shining, and I’m not.’ We’ve got to really think about the big picture, dude.”


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