Nas says Jones lying on DVD

December 9, 2006

Read the article. 

thaFormula.com – (Audience) – That beefin’ shit with fuckin’ Dip Set, was is that shit all about?

Nas – It ain’t nothing. Niggaz got to remind me about the shit because I don’t really know. I can’t keep up with how many dudes is sayin’ what. I seen Jim here. It was me and Mike. There were about 20 of them and I didn’t know it was him. We just walked by into the hotel and Mike started laughin’. He said, “you see your man put his head down.” I said, “Who?” He said, “Jim Jones.” So I said whatever. So on a DVD a few months later, I heard he said that he saw me and he said, “Nasir Jones, Nasir Jones, what up.” He said I had a bunch of bodyguards and I had my head down. I said, why even acknowledge that you saw me. It don’t even fuckin’ make no damn sense nigga! So we dealin’ with alot of you know, I don’t want to disrespect cause they gettin’ they money and it brings me lower when I talk about them muthafuckas.


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