Power 105.1 DJ Carl Blaze Shot 13 times

December 9, 2006


New York – As a popular hip-hop disc jockey struggled to survive gunshot wounds, his fans poured out their anguish and prayers on the air and online.

Carl Blaze, born Carlos Rivera, was in critical condition early on Friday at Harlem Hospital Center, according to the hospital. Police said he had been shot at least 13 times outside an apartment building near the Inwood section of Manhattan, and his jewelry had been snatched.

Blaze, 30, counts more than 2 million listeners on Power 105.1 FM, according to the station’s Website. He broadcasts on Fridays from 11 pm to 2 am and on Saturdays from 9pm to 10pm. and midnight to 2am.



  1. Hope u get better and healthy.

  2. hey my name is ali and i was wondering how carl blaze is doing when i heard on what happened to him it brought tears to my eyes just knowin tha he has a family for them to hear about even his kids im prayin for the whole family and also for him

  3. my thoughts and prayers are with dj blaze and his family hope he pulls through just believe in god and he will take care of the rest god bless

  4. My hope and prayers go out to the family. I wonder so many times what is wrong with our society that a good man can be treated this way. The innocent always seemed to be harmed. I sincerely wish that he recovers. His family and everyone out there needs him.

  5. It is so sad to see people be so harmful to others but in the end it will be justified by the man above. My prayers go out to you and your entire family and with the help of god you will pull through this.
    Always and forever D.J. Carl Blaze.

  6. i will miss him…r.i.p. carl blaze…love you man!

  7. May god bless you and yours

  8. I just wanted to say R.I.P Carl Blaze and that you will be missed by everybody.

  9. rip in peaceee carl blaze gonna miss you alottt , ma condolances to his fam nd friendzz

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