NYTIMES article on Young Jeezy

December 13, 2006


 Though the Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy appears to be as cocky as they come, he never thought he would top the Billboard charts when he released his major-label debut album, “Let’s Get it: Thug Motivation 101,” last year. Chock full of gritty rhymes about his life on the wrong side of the law, the album turned him into a critics’ darling and a spokesman for Any Hood, U.S.A., and the antihero of suburban fans across the county.

“I knew I’d do well in the streets, but I didn’t think I’d do so well in the mainstream,” he said over brunch at a Midtown Manhattan hotel. “A lot of people can’t handle the truth.”

Apparently they can. The album sold nearly two million copies at a time when a third of that is considered impressive. And fans weren’t buying just his music. Jeezy, also known as the Snowman (a not-so-veiled reference to his days has a cocaine dealer), had listeners sporting T-shirts featuring sinister-looking Frosties. Now he’s back with a new album, “The Inspiration,” released yesterday, which again offers snapshots of life knee-deep in Atlanta’s mean streets. The rapper, a self-professed “perfectionist,” said he recorded 120 songs and chose what he believed were the best 16 for the album.



  1. Pretty crazy, hip-hop is alive?

  2. what is a mortazob
    snowman bitch

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