Halle Berry Presents Halle The Album

December 14, 2006

This is the rumored tracklist, its not official yet. But damn some of those tracks seem like there going to be BANGERS! Coming out February 6, 2007. This must be the first time I’m actually pumped for a hollywood actress taking a stab at the music industry…

1. “Miss Sexy” (Scott Storch) – 3:52
2. “No Problem” (Timbaland, S.G. Jarard) – 3:19
3. “Sunshine” (GiGi Franklin, Harold Jennings, Halle Berry) – 4:32
4. “How You Been?” (featuring Jamie Foxx) (G. Thompson, Halle Berry) – 3:01
5. “Like That” (Scott Storch) – 4:43
6. “Around” (Cee-Lo, Halle Berry) – 3:22
7. “Lazy” (featuring Lupe Fiasco) (J. Crew Productions, Kundei Supormorgei) – 3:00
8. “Your Love Is Always Good” (Timbaland) – 3:58
9. “Not Today (I’m Not In The Mood)” (Jason Jackson, Jackie Jackson, GiGi Franklin) – 3:11
10. “Write Me” (Scott Storch) – 2:57
11. “Love & Emotions” (Robin Thicke, Halle Berry) – 3:39
12. “Singing To You (G. Thompson, Halle Berry) – 5:07
13. “Go Left (Bonus Track)” (featuring Bun B) (Bun B, Timbaland) – 3:50


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